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Enjoy A Wilmington Bachelorette Party On The BrewBoat

Before you send your best friend off into the wonderful world of marriage, the time has come to throw one last epic party! The biggest question is what are you going to do for her Wilmington bachelorette party? Sure, you can barhop late at night until the sun comes up, but what about the rest of the day? That’s where the BrewBoat Wilmington comes into play! Here are a few reasons why you and your lady friends need to hop aboard the only cycle boat in North Carolina for that special day before the REALLY special day:

Personal Party Boat – It’s always fun to rent a pontoon boat to go up and down the waterways while you partake in multiple adult beverages. The only problem is that at least one person has to stay sober to drive the boat. With the BrewBoat, we have a captain onboard who is your personal chauffeur. During your 1 hour and 45 minute trek, they will navigate the waters while you sit back, drink and pedal until your heart is content!

Power Hour (& 45 Minutes) – It’s kind of lame to pre-game at someone’s house until dinner time. Why not spend that time in the sun on the water? Bring a 6 pack or a bottle of wine and sip as you enjoy the summer breeze. Don’t fret if you have to use the bathroom, because we always stop half way so that you can take care of business.

Exercise, Exercise & More Exercise – Ah yes, the dreaded E word that nobody wants to hear when they are eating and drinking to excess during a bachelorette party. No need to worry because we make exercise as fun as possible! Hop on one of our 10 cycle stations and pedal away. Feel free to take a break whenever you wish, because you will most definitely feel the burn after over an hour of pedaling.

#Squad – Toss on your matching tank tops or t-shirts that you made and show everyone that you mean business! We want you ladies to have as much fun as possible, so feel free to bring your own props or bachelorette party activities to ensure that your group has the time of their life.

If you do decide to join us on that special day, please let us know in advance so that we can make it as special as we can. If you would like to view our upcoming availability, please visit BrewBoatNC.com/Book-Now!

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