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Family Fun In Wilmington: A Day In The Port City

If you are looking for more than just a suntan on your next vacation, why not give Wilmington a shot? Sure, we’ve got sunny beaches, just like every other vacation destination on the east coast, but we’ve also got amazing breweries, unique restaurants and plenty to do with the kids. The BrewBoat Wilmington is here is provide you with a glimpse into a day of family fun in Wilmington, because we want YOU to experience what we live and love each and every day.

Southport Ferry Ride

If you are visiting Wilmington from the south, you have the option of enjoying a $5 ride on the Southport Ferry! Park on the ferry and when the ‘all clear’ siren sounds, you are free to exit your vehicle and observe the beautiful view from the top or bottom decks. The one-way trip lasts approximately 45 minutes. There will be plenty of hungry seagulls on the back of the ferry, so remember to bring some bread for them to keep them happy!

North Carolina Aquarium At Fort Fisher

Roughly 40 minutes south of Wilmington is Kure Beach. This is where our aquarium resides at Fort Fisher! Upon entering the aquarium, you will be greeted by a bald eagle, plenty of local fish species and alligators. You will encounter snakes, frogs, turtles, sharks, lobsters and many more creatures as you make your trek through the exhibits. Throughout the day, there are dive shows, animal feedings, movies in the auditorium and plenty of other activities to enjoy. Did you know they also have a dinosaur exhibit? See all of your favorite prehistoric animals outside as you make your way through the walking path. Stop by the gift shop on your way out to remember your time at the aquarium!

Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn

All of that walking around at the aquarium is going to work up an appetite! For something super tasty that will fill you up, head on over to Flaming Amy’s Burrito Barn in Carolina Beach. It’s only 10 minutes from the aquarium and on the way to downtown Wilmington. One look at their menu and you will start to salivate. Flaming Amy’s is known for their HUGE burritos, so skip the salad and go for one. There are over 18 to choose from on a daily basis and all of them are delicious. After you order, you will be seated with bottomless tortilla chips and have access to their salsa bar that includes 9 fresh, house-made salsas: Traditional Tomato, Black Bean & Corn, Flaming Hot, Asian Cucumber, Wasabi Avocado, Green Tomatillo, Chipotle Tomatillo, Ginger Peach & Pineapple Jalapeno. Our favorites are the Flaming Hot (more smoky than hot) and the Pineapple Jalapeno (more sweet than heat). Wash it all down with an ice cold beer or margarita for the ultimate experience!

Independence Mall

After such a filling lunch, you’ll want to walk around a bit just so that you don’t fall into a food coma! The Independence Mall is only 20 minutes from Flaming Amy’s, so you won’t be in your car long. Here you will find plenty of upscale brands, department stores, an arcade and plenty of play areas for the little ones. Browse your favorite stores and be sure to stop by Great American Cookies for a sweet treat on your way out. You can thank us later!

The BrewBoat Wilmington

Hey, how did we make this list?! No trip to Wilmington is complete without a cruise on the BrewBoat. Located in downtown Wilmington at the Port City Marina, you will find your final destination. Hop aboard our boat and enjoy a ride up and down the water for the next 90 minutes. You are more than welcome to bring your own 6 pack of beer or bottle of wine, in fact, it’s encouraged because we want you to have a GREAT time! Our Captain will be your DJ as well unless you brought your own playlist to jam out to during your cruise. We will supply you with koozies and ice for your drinks as well, so no need to worry about that.

As you can see, there is a ton to do in Wilmington. This is just a sampling of what can be accomplished in one day! To book a cruise on the BrewBoat Wilmington for your next trip to Wilmington, click here ยป

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