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Take Advantage of Our Early Week Charter Special

You mean there’s a way to cruise the Cape Fear River aboard the BrewBoat Wilmington at a discounted rate? You betcha! We have recently rolled out an ‘Early Week Charter Special’ that entitles you to $100 off a reserved cruise when you book the entire boat on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. This special is PERFECT for the following groups:

Active Retiree Get-Togethers

When you are retired, you have all the time in the world to have a good time, so why not spend it on the water in the Port City?


School’s out for summer! After several months of teaching America’s youth, you certainly deserve a break…and a drink. Round up your fellow educators and pick a day to cut loose and spend part of your summer break with us.

Recent High School or College Graduates

No more pencils, no more books. No more teacher’s dirty looks! Summer break is the best 3 months out of the year. We understand that cashflow isn’t great this time of the year, so pool together what you have from high school or college graduation parties and spend an hour pedaling the Cape Fear River with your best buds. You can’t beat that!

Small Business Team Building

If you can’t take off work to hop on the BrewBoat, bring the whole office! Convince your boss that an hour pedaling together as a team will ¬†improve the synergy in the office and you will be rewarded with a beautiful afternoon out on the water.

Tourists / Vacationers

Are you visiting Wilmington and looking for something to do? We’ve got you! The BrewBoat is family-friendly and is an activity that every member will enjoy. Plus a ride will only take up a small chunk of your day so that you have plenty of time to tour the Port City.

Fitness Groups

Each day, we offer a 7pm cruise that would act as a perfect replacement for a bike ride, trip to the gym, an evening swim or yoga class.

As you can see, the BrewBoat is for a wide variety of people from all walks of life! To take advantage of our Early Week Charter Special, please click here to view our availability.

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