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Wilmington Boat Rental: Bring On 2019

By definition, a resolution is a firm decision to do or not to do something. While we believe that you should definitely spend more time on the BrewBoat in 2019, that’s definitely a good decision! All jokes aside, the new year gives us all a fresh start after the holidays, which we need after overindulging for the past few weeks. As your go-to Wilmington boat rental provider, we would like to share a few resolutions that we hope to extend beyond February 1st (the date that 80% of all resolutions end) this year.

A Longer Season

It’s tough to get your BrewBoat fix when the boat isn’t even in Wilmington! This past year, which was our first year of operation in the Port City, was phenomenal, but it was cut short by the hurricanes. In 2019, we hope and pray that the weather stays calm through September and October so that we can provide the good time that we are known for. We want to be able to pedal with your bachelor or bachelorette party for as long as we can!

More Partnerships

We are always looking to partner with local businesses and organizations that can improve the experience for our passengers! Whether it is an accessories company that can offer props or a local brewery that is willing to cut a deal on a few growlers for the cruise, we are open to ideas and suggestions! The BrewBoat loves to promote small businesses since we are one ourselves!

Last, But Not Least, MORE CRUISES!

Sure, extending the season means more cruises, but ideally we would like to operate from sun up to sun down each and every day during the season! Granted, we like to take one step at a time, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t add on a few more trips each day. It’s up to you to get the word out about how much much our boat is! If you took a cruise in 2018, be sure to leave a review for us on Facebook or Google.

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