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End of Summer Boat Cruise

As North Carolina’s first and only pedal pub, we will be wrapping up our first season in Wilmington at the end of September. Unfortunately we will be bringing our boat further south to store it for the fall and winter seasons. If you haven’t enjoyed a summer boat cruise with us yet, here are a few reasons to come out […]

Family Fun In Wilmington: A Day In The Port City

If you are looking for more than just a suntan on your next vacation, why not give Wilmington a shot? Sure, we’ve got sunny beaches, just like every other vacation destination on the east coast, but we’ve also got amazing breweries, unique restaurants and plenty to do with the kids. The BrewBoat Wilmington is here is provide you with a […]

Things To Do In Wilmington NC: Beer, Boats & Battleships

The BrewBoat Wilmington may be new to the Wilmington area, but that doesn’t mean we don’t know a thing or two about having fun here in the Port City! This city provides so much for tourists and locals alike that there is always something to occupy your time, especially during the weekends. We have complied a list of our favorite […]

Enjoy A Wilmington Bachelorette Party On The BrewBoat

Before you send your best friend off into the wonderful world of marriage, the time has come to throw one last epic party! The biggest question is what are you going to do for her Wilmington bachelorette party? Sure, you can barhop late at night until the sun comes up, but what about the rest of the day? That’s where […]

New Website

We would like to thank the fine folks over at Three Ring Focus, a Myrtle Beach web design and marketing company, for creating our wonderful website. Stay tuned for upcoming news on the BrewBoat Wilmington!

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